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End of Tenancy / Moving Out Clean Glasgow

Move Out Clean Glasgow

You need to move on and change your location? You are worried, that you won’t be able to properly clean the flat and lose your deposit? We can take these problems off your shoulders. We know how important it is to leave the space neat. We understand, that you need your hard-earned money. We mastered the cleaning services and none of our clients suffered from losing the deposit.

End Of Tenancy Clean Glasgow

Moving out is always a busy time. You have to focus on packing your belongings, doing double-check, as well as ensuring that all your stuff gets transported to your new place, safely. That requires a lot of time and energy. We can help you and take care of getting the location clean and ready for someone else. You can save time and your money — just schedule an appointment.

End of tenancy cleaning Glasgow Move out cleaners

Move Out Cleaner Glasgow

Are you moving out from a rental property? Our end of tenancy cleaning service in is suitable for everyone who is moving in or out of a property in the Glasgow or Paisley area.

Take precautions before leaving your rented property and book a professional end of tenancy cleaning service you can trust. 

Why you should use professional cleaning services?

Professional cleaning stands for high-end equipment and detergents combined with thorough know-how. Master of Cleaning end of tenancy cleaning ensures that the post-rental condition of the property meets your landlord’s expectations:

Professional and eco-friendly detergents provided by leading manufacturers.

Specialised dip tanks to degrease and remove dirt from all removable parts of your oven.

Skilful cleaners with more than 10 years of experience will guarantee a clean and shiny property that will impress the property owner.

Non-time-limited service – The cleaners leave when the job’s done. Usually from 3 to 5 hrs.

All appliances are cleaned as part of your service.

Key pick-up, upon request – to ensure more convenient access to the property.

Regular quality inspections and reports.

Property Antiviral Sanitisation to get rid of germs and viruses available upon request

We also offer check-in and check-out inventory reports, which are carried out by independent auditors.

Master of cleaning provides end of tenancy cleaning services in Glasgow & Paisley. We have all of the cleaning equipment and trained cleaners to offer every single service that you need to ensure a stress-free handover to your landlord. Moving out of a rented property is stressful at the best times. However, when you add all of the cleaning tasks to the situation, it suddenly becomes a real challenge.

Comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning checklist

We know that you want to leave your landlords with a property that they can rent out straight away. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be looking at our fantastic end of tenancy cleaning services in Glasgow.

Did you know, though, that many of the landlords in Glasgow are given a checklist by estate agents and property managers? This checklist is to ensure that their property is completely clean when returned to them. It includes areas that most mere mortals will miss during daily cleaning tasks.

However, the team of cleaners at master of cleaning uses the same end of tenancy cleaning checklist. We provide our end of tenancy cleaning services knowing that we can deliver everything on that checklist because our supervisors use it to track the cleaning. Once our cleaners are finished their work, the supervisors come in with the checklist. They check all of the commonly missed areas and ensure that everything is perfect.

Catherine Traynor
Fast response to my query online, absolute value for money and they turned up early and got on with it. Carpets looked fantastic afterwards and will be using again and recommending to friends and neighbours.
Rebecca Neil
Amazing job, house is looking brand new. Very friendly. Would highly recommend.
Jolene Hamilton
I was given a fantastic service this morning. My carpets had taken a beating over the winter so need a deep clean and after cleaning they look so good. I am a happy Customer and would recommend anyone to use them. Thank you
Barry McPhie
I required carpets to be cleaned urgently. I found it very easy to arrange a booking. On the day the operative arrived on time and carried out the job to an excellent standard. I have no hesitation in recommending the company and without doubt I will return to them in the future.
Jennifer O'Neill
Marcin has just cleaned my extremely dirty light grey leather sofa. It looks as good as new again. Lovely, friendly guy, responded quickly to my messages, excellent value for money and very professional job done. Will be using master of clean for everything now. Recommend 100%
Mohan Kumar Dasari
Amazing professional cleaning of carpet .... really nice guy and left the place spotless and amazing value. Thanks very much!
Tracy Stewart
Amazing professional cleaning of sofa and carpet .... really nice guy and left the place spotless and amazing value
Amanda Donaldson
Would definitely recommend this company and service.
Kerry Norman
My gran was in badly need of her carpets cleaned due to carers coming in daily with their shoes on. Martin done an amazing job! He is so polite and professional and nothing was a bother for him from moving furniture and cleaning extra rugs. Dirty carpets now look brand new in both hallway and living-room with his industrial machine. Very impressed with the results and recommended to many people now. Thank you so much! Highly recommend!
Beth Arthur
Fabulous service from Master of Cleaning services. Booked for a carpet and couch clean and could not be happier, very prompt and professional, carpet and couch both good as new after he had completed the job. Will definitely be booking again in the future

Our price - End Of Tenancy Clean Glasgow

Price list - End Of Tenancy Clean Glasgow

For your convenience, please find below our prices.

Name of Service Price (excl. VAT)
• 1 room
from £65
• 2 rooms
from £80
• 3 rooms
from £95
• 2 seater
from £40
• 3 seater
from £55
Corner sofa
from £60
from £30
Name of Service Price (excl. VAT)
from £30
End of tenancy
• 1 bedroom
from £170
• 2 bedrooms
from £200
• 3 bedrooms
from £230
Full End of tenancy incl. carpets
from £210
Oven cleaning
• single
from £65
• double
from £80
Cleaning Squares

Move Out / End Of Tenancy Clean Glasgow



Q: What are the end of tenancy cleaners’ work hours?

A: You can contact us at any time. On the other hand, the earliest your lease end cleaning can start is 7:00 am. The latest would be around 5:00 pm.

Q: Do you provide the cleaning materials and equipment?

A: The tenancy clean team will bring everything necessary for the completion of the service prior to you moving out.

Q: Do I have to defrost my fridge and freezer in advance?

A: To ensure the best possible results for your move out, please make sure to defrost the fridge/freezer about 24 hours before the service begins. If the fridge/freezer is still frozen when the tenancy cleaners arrive, they might not be able to properly clean it.

Q: Do you clean windows from the outside?

A: Yes, but this is not included in the end of tenancy cleaning service. If you want to include exterior window cleaning, it will be charged as a separate service but not without a preferential discount for booking combined services when moving out.

Q: How much does a professional end of tenancy cleaning cost on average?

A: The average cost of your tenancy cleaning depends on 3 main factors. The size of the property. More specifically, the number of rooms. The condition of the property. However, this applies only if the rental is extremely neglected. The addition of specialised services such as hot water extraction cleaning of carpet/upholstery, exterior window washing, or even garden clearance (if required by the tenancy agreement). The property cleaning services at Fantastic Cleaners provide the best possible value to cost throughout Glasgow and Paisley.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for any congestion charges or parking fees?

A: This is the only charge that may come on top of your move out cleaning service. The team will always search for a free spot to park. However, if such is not available, then the customer will be asked to cover the parking charges while the service takes place. In case the property is within the congestion zone, then the customer is required to take care of the charges. Otherwise, the service may take place during the weekend (or a bank holiday) when the congestion charges in London are lifted.

Q: What are the guarantees that professional property cleaning will restore the property up to the standards you boast?

A: The tenancy professionals follow agency-approved checklists when cleaning your rental property and thus ensure that every area of your housing will be cleaned to the highest standards prior to you moving out. This way the technicians make sure that you will receive your security deposit back.

Q: How many cleaners will you send?

A: The end of tenancy cleaning teams can consist of up to 6 technicians. It really depends on the size of your rental property. We can send as many cleaners as necessary for the timely completion of your lease end service.

Q: Do you clean carpets and upholstery?

A: All carpets and upholstered amenities will be vacuum cleaned. If you want those done up to professional standards – you can add carpet hot water extraction or dry cleaning and upholstery cleaning at preferential rates as combined services as you book a cleaner.

Q: How much does it cost to have carpets cleaned, too?

A: We can perform deep hot water extraction or dry chem cleaning. You can add a professional end of tenancy carpet cleaning to your post-lease booking at a preferential price or book it as a standalone service (check the cost guide for rug cleaning).

Q: Do you clean the oven?

A: Yes, professional oven cleaning is part of the post-lease service. It will be dismantled and the removable parts will be put in a dipping tank filled with a specialised cleaning solution that easily dislodges grime and grease. The inside and outside of the oven will be scrubbed, as well.

Q: Can you perform the service while I am away from the property?

A: Yes, but you have to arrange a key pick-up. Also, you can pay for the service with a card while you are away.

Q: Do you charge by the hour or per job?

A: The service is priced per job, meaning that the move out cleaners will stay on-site until the rental clean is fully done. Hours are not what defines how much end of tenancy cleaning costs.

Q: What happens if a cleaner damage’s something during the service?

A: All move out cleaners are fully insured so you will be compensated accordingly if something like this happens. Though, rest assured all technicians are quite careful and diligent so it probably won’t come down to this at all.

Q: Do I need to move furniture?

A: It’s not necessary but it might be appropriate if your housing has a lot of furnishing. In order to guarantee your deposit refund, the tenancy cleaners will have to vacuum or mop beneath sofas, cupboards, and etc.

Q: Do you clean blinds as part of the service?

A: Yes, the cleaners can wipe the blinds as part of the service.

Q: Do you clean chandeliers and/or ceilings?

A: Yes, but only if they are easily accessible.

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