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Upholstery Cleaner Motherwell

Upholstery Cleaner Motherwell

Master Of Cleaning Glasgow (covering Motherwell) are the number one option when it comes to Upholstery cleaning in Motherwell.

If your sofas and chairs are looking a little tired, or smelling more like your pets – we can help.
Steam cleaning your upholstery will keep your home feeling fresher and extend the lifetime of your expensive sofa.

Upholstery Cleaners Motherwell

Here at the Masters Of Cleaning we specialise in upholstery and sofa cleaning in Glasgow (covering Motherwell). We’re fully trained in using our high temperature steam machine and our range of 100% natural cleaning products, guaranteeing great results and the added benefit of no strong chemicals being used.

Are you looking for great upholstery cleaning? Has your favourite chair seen better days? Gives us a call on 07564 244871 and let us help.

Upholstery Cleaning Motherwell

There are several ways to professionally clean fabric upholstery, a lot depends on the fibre type. The main method of sofa upholstery cleaning I use is called hot water extraction, this method involves breaking the soiling down with an eco-friendly cleaning agent, that is brushed through the fibres of the sofa using a hand fit or brush. Some fabric may benefit from a different clean. A dry foam can be used for example.

Upholstery Cleaners Motherwell

We’re a friendly bunch here, but that’s not why people come back to us year after year! To back this up some of our our customers have given us google reviews to show you, our future customers that we are what we claim to be Click – Our Google Reviews

Don’t worry about your carpets, we know how to take care of various carpet types. None of your carpets will suffer, it’s quite the opposite, we can remove the stains and dust to restore any carpet to its best.

Upholstery Cleaning In Motherwell

When we clean your carpets we’ll eliminate 99% of all dust mites living in your carpets and with our re-piling system your reaction to allergy from extensive pet stains & hairs will improve immediately.

Have a look at our Facebook page for all our latest before and after pictures – Here

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Glasgow - Motherwell - Our price's

Upholstery Cleaning Motherwell - Price list

For your convenience, please find below our prices for our – Upholstery Cleaning Service in Motherwell

Name of Service Price (excl. VAT)
• 1 room
from £65
• 2 rooms
from £80
• 3 rooms
from £95
• 2 seater
from £40
• 3 seater
from £55
Corner sofa
from £60
from £30
Name of Service Price (excl. VAT)
from £30
End of tenancy
• 1 bedroom
from £170
• 2 bedrooms
from £200
• 3 bedrooms
from £230
Full End of tenancy incl. carpets
from £210
Oven cleaning
• single
from £65
• double
from £80

Upholstery Cleaning - Upholstery Cleaning Motherwell

At Master Of Cleaning we are a family run Upholstery  cleaners (covering all of Motherwell. We are not a big group or national franchise.

Choosing any upholstery cleaning products we feel are suitable for the job at hand.  We don’t have the monthly fee’s that franchise upholstery cleaners have to pay, so we can pass this saving onto our customers. 

Upholstery Cleaners In Motherwell

Our aim is to supply a superior, deep upholstery and sofa cleaning service at a great price.

We also use eco-friendly cleaning solutions in order to provide you with a top quality safe upholstery clean that doesn’t cost the earth!

Upholstery Cleaning Motherwell - Made An Appointment?

Once you have booked your required cleaning service, please make sure the floor is as clear as possible.  I always use protective sheets when cleaning furniture and make sure the job is done with minimum disruption.

Sofas dry in between 1 and 12 hours and hard floor tiles that are cleaned and sealed can be walked on pretty much straight away. But if you have any question just call us and ask 07564244871

Upholstery Cleaners Motherwell

There is no need to vacuum the carpet, sofa or floor tiles as I take care of that too.

If there are any pets in the house, please be aware that the front door will be slightly ajar as hoses are connected to my van outside.


Upholstery Cleaning Motherwell - Our 5 Step Process

Upholstery Cleaning Motherwell – Preparation

Pre-clean review
Extensive inspection to identify furniture fabric type & condition before determining the most appropriate cleaning process & method.

We use a high-powered commercial vacuum cleaner to deep clean and remove loose dirt & grit from your furniture.

Fabric test & pre-treatment
A colour test is performed on a small hidden area and spots & stains are pre-treated, with solutions applied & agitated by hand.

Upholstery Cleaning
Your upholstery is cleaned and rinsed using an appropriate deep-cleaning process, without risk of over-wetting & damage.

Deodorise And Inspection
We spray deodoriser and inspect the upholstery thoroughly with you to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Call us immediately and if you’d like to find out more – 07564244871

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